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11 years of consistent continuing education in the popular topics of Massage Therapy.
 Began Teaching in 2015 Brazosport College Massage Therapy Program

Blending Science and Relaxation

Relaxation changed my life, I was struggling with many aspects of life compounded by a catastrophic accident when I was 11. My first experience with relaxation was through self taught meditation, after I learned how through an online article in 2000. I began to read about massage and reflexology shortly afterwards. This would lead to me becoming a massage therapist in 2003
Relaxation opened my life to a new experience that was much preferable over the past. I began exercise more often, took spontaneous day and weekend trips, life was better. So I enjoy maintaining and excelling my life through regular practices of relaxation and sharing my gifts.

I studied massage therapy in Midland TX, under a very experienced man whom attracted his clients from all over. It would not be long before he was helping me to stay focused and not get distracted by too many of the side paths of massage. During our time together he promoted my education in medical massage and shared with me what he had learned and developed over the years of his career.

Massage is growing exponentially since my beginning, we now see more documentation, sharing of new information is unlimited and massage is more beneficial. I prefer massage that has results I can notice immediately

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